Style Profile: Elena Botchorichvili

TWo women I know and love and admire, in same place chatting = a treat!

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Elena Botchorichvili Photo by New York artist Eteri Chkadua
The writer Elena Botchorichvili has a unique and distinct style marked with humour and fantasy. She writes in a concise and witty manners. Her fashion style reflects the same creativity. I met with the author who doesn’t hesitate to transform the clothes she buys.
Firstly, let me tell you a little bit about this wonderful novelist. She was born in Georgia and lives in Montreal since 1992. Author of eight novels, including Belle vie (Naïve), La tête de mon père (Boréal) and Opera (Les Allusifs), she received in Moscow in April 2016 the Russkaya Premia, one of the most prestigious literary honors awarded to Russian writers of the diaspora. It is awarded by the President Yeltsin Foundation. This former sports journalist is the pride of Georgia. Biographies have been published about her work and her literary…

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How Blogging Saved my Marriage

Love how you conduscted the experiment…which essentially would lead to just walk naked and seal the deal! …that is what I find most efficient!LOL…xx

This post was originally published as a contributor on Learn Fun Facts. My first ever guest post!
I thought how I got into Blogging might make some of you laugh.
Two years ago, I was concerned that my husband’s online gaming might mess up our marriage. We all know how excessive virtual worlds can have real-world influences on health, spouse happiness and sex life? But can lingerie help save marriages when men’s gaming habits have interfered with the couple’s bedtime? As a scientific journalist with a strong interest for fashion, I asked myself this question and made it the subject of a study (Yep, I did carry out the experiments described below… Oh yes, with a truly scientific approach). 🙂


The study confirms that multiplayer video games can have negative consequences on marital satisfaction. The results shed light on the effects of a woman wearing lingerie on a role-playing…

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My Black Friday is… Green!

christmas-bauble-2956230_640Image Source

Thank you for inspiring me. My Black Friday is not about amazing deals and beautiful clothing. Nope. It is a Green Friday. It’s about reigniting that important family message and escaping the shopping madness. Still have a gift-hunting itch? Go for eco-friendly and sustainable alternative. See Preloved’s blog for an array of articles on craft ideas and artisan markets. I encourage you to think about how you shop and explore alternative ways of shopping to the online. Be creative. Stay local. Why not buy less and use that extra time to do something special with your loved ones? I know I will.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
Have a lovely day everyone! Thanks for your visit. Stay strong, stay stylish! – Bonne journée tout le monde! Merci de visiter mon blogue. Soyez forte, soyez stylée!
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Mix Vintage with Contemporary Clothes for a Cool and Stylish Look

Totally #ERAVINTAGEWEAR approved!XX we love you lots!


Vintage no longer knows the stigma associated with pre-worn clothes. Dresses, coats, blouses and fashion accessories dating from the glorious years, and after the war, are not reserved anymore for the nostalgic of better times. Just seeing the number of shops and events focused on vintage emerging everywhere tells us these timeless pieces are trendy… Yep, they are very fashionable in addition to being eco-friendly.

But I still hear many times women saying: I’m too young or too old to wear vintage clothing. Seriously? Where that mindset come from puzzles me. I am a clear vintage fashionista; I mean I wear something vintage almost everyday and I don’t think my look is outdated. I often see young women wearing bow silk blouse, midi length skirt or other items many would consider for “mature women” and I don’t say to myself Oh- they’re playing dress up or they’re dressing like a “granny”

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3 Tricks to De-Stress

Dominique c’est vraiment un partage de femme! J’ADORE! xxxxx


” You seem stressed ” says the researcher with whom I have an appointment as soon as I enter her office.

” Stressed, me? Yes dear and you are the main cause, I want to answer! I’ve been waiting for you for 45 minutes; I have not eaten yet and I have a text to give before 18h… ” I am stressed! Of course, I simply replied with a beautiful smile: “No, not at all. I’m good. Just a little out of breath. ” Right! Very good Dominique, it’s an original answer. Breathe and stay calm. Everything’s gonna be alright… as Bob Marley’s song says.

Fortunately, the interview went well. The lady is not punctual, but her research is captivating. At least my text will be interesting to read. I feel better already. But no question of settling right away behind the computer. I urgently need to relax in order…

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