10 outfit details that make you look stunning

OMG The green chiffon on Emmanuelle! Quel beau compliment et quelle bell surprise! Merci mon amie.XXXXXXXX


It doesn’t matter if your wearing designer clothing; if you don’t pay attention to the little things, you’re not going to achieve a wow effect with your Louboutin shoes and your Chanel bag. It’s the details that make an outfit more interesting. Knowing the what, when and how to add such items are the key for a stylish look. First, make sure your nails and clothing are impeccable. This should go without saying, but filthy will throw off the rest of your outfit. People notice details, and if your nail polish is chipped it will stand out, not in a good way. If you don’t have time to do your nails, remove the nail polish instead. Same goes with damage clothes or shoes. Yep, I see -we all do- if there’s a rip or a button missing on your shirt… Have it fixed or don’t wear it. While I’m at it…

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