3 Tricks to De-Stress

Dominique c’est vraiment un partage de femme! J’ADORE! xxxxx


” You seem stressed ” Says the researcher with whom I have an appointment as soon as I enter her office.
” Stressed, me? Yes dear, and you are the main cause” I want to answer. “I’ve been waiting for 45 minutes; I have not eaten yet and I have an article to write before 6 P.M….  You’re right —I am stressed!” Of course, I simply replied with a beautiful smile: “No, not at all. I’m good. Just a little out of breath.” Ahem. Very good Dominique. Such a great answer! Breathe and stay calm. Everything’s gonna be alright… as Bob Marley’s song says.
Fortunately, the interview went well. The lady is not punctual, but her research is captivating. At least, my text will be interesting to read. I feel better already. But no question of settling right away behind the computer. First, I have to walk a little…

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