If I Was a Flower…

Such incredible thoughts and style! xxxxxx ..and I would be a dandelion!

If I was a flower… What kind of flower would I be? A daisy, I think. Yes, a daisy.
Daisies are considered common. They are not talked about as extraordinarily beautiful, although they definitely have the capacity to be described as such. They are almost taken for granted, in a sense.
However, the power and quiet beauty of the daisy is only muted in this outside perspective. The daisy itself stands completely unaffected by society’s judgment of it. The daisy is strong, and strength means that you can take care of the people you love.
My beautiful son and stepdaughter are the orchids to my daisy. Like the orchid, their beauty is very easy to see. They are also both very fragile like the orchid, having been born with ADHD and sensitivity to stressors in the environment.
Children who are nurtured through challenging situations have the potential to turn…

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