The Do’s and Don’ts of Car Maintenance for Fashionistas!

as usual .love love love!XXXXXXX

Originally Published as a Guest post on Maine Paperpusher. Please visit Linda’s blog (and say hello to Walter and Greta too of course).

Aww… That new car fresh scent, clean with leather redolence. I wish our 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan had such pleasant smell. A great engine though. Its 200 horsepower is more than capable of handling the all-wheel-drive. Backed up by four-wheel disc brakes with ABC and traction control, the SUV displayed good grip on slippery surfaces. Perfect for Quebec’s weather! Since my hubby and I do not intend to buy a new car any time soon, I HAD to do something about our comfort (read: the odour). The scent of school gym locker isn’t appropriate for a fashionista, for no one as a matter of fact.
I wanted to start 2018 on the right track. So I had the interior and exterior of our car deep cleaned: trash…

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