Mix Vintage with Contemporary Clothes for a Cool and Stylish Look

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Vintage no longer knows the stigma associated with pre-worn clothes. Dresses, coats, blouses and fashion accessories dating from the glorious years, and after the war, are not reserved anymore for the nostalgic of better times. Just seeing the number of shops and events focused on vintage emerging everywhere tells us these timeless pieces are trendy… Yep, they are very fashionable in addition to being eco-friendly.

But I still hear many times women saying: I’m too young or too old to wear vintage clothing. Seriously? Where that mindset come from puzzles me. I am a clear vintage fashionista; I mean I wear something vintage almost everyday and I don’t think my look is outdated. I often see young women wearing bow silk blouse, midi length skirt or other items many would consider for “mature women” and I don’t say to myself Oh- they’re playing dress up or they’re dressing like a “granny”

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3 Tricks to De-Stress

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” You seem stressed ” Says the researcher with whom I have an appointment as soon as I enter her office.
” Stressed, me? Yes dear, and you are the main cause” I want to answer. “I’ve been waiting for 45 minutes; I have not eaten yet and I have an article to write before 6 P.M….  You’re right —I am stressed!” Of course, I simply replied with a beautiful smile: “No, not at all. I’m good. Just a little out of breath.” Ahem. Very good Dominique. Such a great answer! Breathe and stay calm. Everything’s gonna be alright… as Bob Marley’s song says.
Fortunately, the interview went well. The lady is not punctual, but her research is captivating. At least, my text will be interesting to read. I feel better already. But no question of settling right away behind the computer. First, I have to walk a little…

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10 outfit details that make you look stunning

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It doesn’t matter if your wearing designer clothing; if you don’t pay attention to the little things, you’re not going to achieve a wow effect with your Louboutin shoes and your Chanel bag. It’s the details that make an outfit more interesting. Knowing the what, when and how to add such items are the key for a stylish look. First, make sure your nails and clothing are impeccable. This should go without saying, but filthy will throw off the rest of your outfit. People notice details, and if your nail polish is chipped it will stand out, not in a good way. If you don’t have time to do your nails, remove the nail polish instead. Same goes with damage clothes or shoes. Yep, I see -we all do- if there’s a rip or a button missing on your shirt… Have it fixed or don’t wear it. While I’m at it…

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10 outfit ideas for Fall


It’s not Sunday but here’s a confession anyway: I do wear my clothing repeatedly year after year! I just style them differently. As I’m putting together right now new Fall looks (you will see them soon), there are some old outfits that I will definitely wear again. Here’s 10 classic but yet fun outfit ideas to inspire you.

Ce n’est pas dimanche, mais voici une confession: je porte mes vêtements à répétition d’une année à l’autre! Je les agence différemment c’est tout. Le mois d’août est justement la période de l’année où je crée de nouveaux looks pour l’automne (vous les verrez bientôt). Mais il y a certains ensembles de l’automne dernier que je vais certainement porter à nouveau. Voici 10 idées de tenues classiques et amusantes pour vous inspirer.


Outfit: Blouse – Hugo Boss Skirt – Era Vintage Wear Handbag – Tory Burch (on sale now at $279) Rings…

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The World of 3C Style in BD

Super idée et tellement drôle et léger!

Hi everyone ! Welcome to The World of 3C Style in BD. This is a project I had in mind for a long time and I’m happy to present to you the first two capsules of many more to come. Despite my love for fashion and my blog, this is my way of not taking it too seriously.

Bonjour tout le monde ! Bienvenue dans la section Le Monde de 3C Style en BD. Il s’agit d’un projet auquel je pense depuis longtemps at je suis heureuse de vous présenter les premières capsules d’une longue série à venir. Malgré ma passion pour la mode et mon blogue c’est ma façon de ne pas prendre ça trop sérieusement.


Next time, I might ask for a drawing with The Pink Panther. – La prochaine fois, je demanderai peut-être un dessin avec La panthère rose.


Original idea and storyboard : Dominique Nancy of 3C…

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21 Best Fashion Quotes

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We all have opinions about fashion. I rounded up 21 of my favourites quotes from designers icons, famous peoples and women I love. These quotations say so much about the sociological aspect of fashion with only a few words.

Nous avons tous des opinions sur la mode. J’ai rassemblé 21 de mes citations préférées de designers renommés, de personnes célèbres et de femmes que j’adore. Ces courtes phrases en disent long sur l’aspect sociologique de la mode.

Words of wisdom… About Style – Paroles sages… Sur le Style

Diapositive1Words of wisdom… About the importance of accessories – En lien avec l’importance des accessoires

You know now who inspired J. Crew for their catchy phrase The ! of an outfit. – Vous savez désormais qui a inspiré J. Crew pour la campagne marketing de ses accessoires.

Words of wisdom… Referring to the power of fashion – Concernant le pouvoir de…

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It’s all in the details!

Indeed Stay strong & Stay Stylish!xxxxxxxlLOV U Dominique

The trend for all things embroidered is going strong. It’s one cool way to elevate your outfit. Stick to subtle embroider pieces for a casual and chic vibe or go wild like Dolce & Gabbana and make a statement. Your choice. It is definitely one detail that will make your outfit more dazzling. Just know there is many other ways to bring oumph to your look. It’s all about the details!


IMG_9514 Top – Era Vintage Wear Jeans – Citizens of Humanity (available at Room Service Loft Boutique) HandBag – Fendi (thrift) Sunglasses – Derek Lam (thrift) Beaded Orb Earrings – J. Crew Mules – Vero Cuoio (which mean created by Italian shoewear artisans) Watch – Michael Kors

Le texte est disponible en français au bas de la page.

Yes, I’ll admit I’m obsessed with details, especially in clothing. I carefully look at the quality of the fabric, the print, the…

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